Hotel furniture is all about customization!
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Hotel furniture is all about customization!

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Hotel furniture acquisition is the most important link in the hotel project, hotel project design and indoor environment when the matching design, the need to directly consider the indoor function and environmental harmony, so many hotels in the choice of hotel furniture have chosen to customize the way, gradually abandoned the previous kind of purely by purchasing hotel furniture model, so what is the advantage of doing so? Qin Gang wood small part here with you to analyze the advantages of custom hotel furniture!

   The advantages of custom hotel furniture:

   1, can meet the different individual needs of different consumers

   In the traditional marketing model, hotel furniture companies are often based on a simple market survey, following today's hotel furniture trends in hotel furniture research and development production. But this mode of production out of the hotel furniture is either not to meet the requirements of the inch, or the style can not meet personal preferences. Custom marketing, on the other hand, subdivides the market into individuals and designs hotel furniture according to their personal requirements, with the consumer being one of the designers of the hotel furniture. According to personal preferences to put forward some specific requirements, such as colour matching, personalized specifications and so on.

   2、Can reduce the inventory backlog

   In the traditional marketing model, hotel furniture companies in order to maximize profits, through mass production to reduce product costs, once the market suffered a slight unpredictability, this mass production of hotel furniture due to the same inevitably lead to stagnation or backlog, resulting in a waste of resources. And custom marketing is based on consumer orders production, almost no inventory, accelerating the capital turnover.

   3、Reduce marketing costs

   In the traditional marketing model, hotel furniture enterprises in order to occupy the market, often through advertising, building shops business promotion and other ways to promote sales, and thus higher costs. And custom marketing as long as the hotel furniture quality and reliable, reasonable prices, hotel furniture can be successfully sold. In the custom marketing manufacturers directly facing consumers to reduce the sales chain, but also to reduce a variety of expenses.

   4, conducive to accelerating product development

   In the traditional marketing model, many hotel furniture business designers behind closed doors, only based on simple market research for product development, design out of the hotel furniture limitations are very large, it is difficult to meet the needs of the public. In custom marketing, designers have many opportunities to communicate with consumers face to face, it is easy to know the requirements of consumers, and thus can develop products close to the needs of consumers.

   Hotel furniture customisation has brought many benefits to hotels and hotel furniture customisation services have become a new trend.

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