How has bespoke hotel furniture evolved and how is it now classified?
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How has bespoke hotel furniture evolved and how is it now classified?

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1. The development of custom hotel furniture mileage

      In the 1990s,** the first to develop is the office furniture, when the market value of the scale of about 50 billion yuan; by the turn of the century, the hotel furniture custom * later, to reach the scale of 80 billion yuan.

      2010-2020, the furniture industry as a whole ushered in ** a golden period, the rapid expansion of production, from merchants "each for their own" gradually developed to a full range of industry categories, can be well connected to ** industrial system. Not only does it meet the domestic market demand, but it is also slowly feeding into the global market.

      In 2020-2030, ** furniture industry will usher in a large industrial migration, which indicates that China's hotel furniture customization will usher in a second "golden period". Chinese furniture customisation will gradually develop from winning by volume to having its own influence.


2. Hotel furniture customization classification

   Generally speaking, there is no fixed standard for the classification of hotel furniture customization, generally in accordance with the different nature and use of different classifications.

   For example, according to the structure of the division, generally divided into: whole, folding, hanging, wall hanging, etc..

   by material: solid wood, upholstery, steel and wood, metal, marble, panel furniture, etc.

   by style can be divided into: ancient, modern, European, American, Mediterranean, Japanese, Chinese furniture, etc.

  by product positioning can be divided into: low, medium-low, medium, medium-high, bespoke furniture, etc.

  And according to the hotel room classification can be divided into: ordinary suite furniture, fast chain furniture, business suites and presidential suite furniture and so on.

   Furniture and the rapid development of the hotel furniture customization industry, are inseparable from the practitioners of product quality excellence and strict control. Only the quality of the product itself is excellent, is an important cornerstone of product sales and the overall development of the industry.

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