The process of bespoke hotel furniture
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The process of bespoke hotel furniture

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Often customers with hotel furniture needs ask questions such as: What production processes do you have in place for hotel furniture? What materials are used in hotel room furniture? What is the price of star-rated hotel furniture?

What does hotel room furniture consist of? Can you provide holiday hotel furniture styles? What is the production process of hotel furniture? How is hotel furniture packaged? And so on and so forth. Such questions will be answered in detail by our sales staff, customers must understand the process of customising hotel furniture before they customise it, here is a brief introduction to the process of customising hotel furniture.

Step 1: Making furniture construction drawings. The main role is to deepen when the furniture specifications, proportions and related processes, so that the appearance of furniture looks more coordinated and beautiful.

Step 2: Writing a bill of materials. The order writer is responsible for calculating the quantity of materials required for a single piece or batch of furniture based on the deepening of the drawings, so that materials can be purchased and the first material cut can be officially put into production.

Step 3: Drying and cutting of materials. After the wood tenon, timber drying process, the master subdivides and cuts the parts according to the specifications, quantity and materials of the opening list, for example, solid wood, panels, solid wood veneer, sponge, fabric, etc.

Step 4: The assembly process. We use the noble mahogany furniture dowel process to assemble, encounter some customers require disassembly of furniture, such as: wardrobe, bed boxes and other relatively large pieces of furniture, we are first assembled, then test-assembled, and finally disassembled.

Step 5: Sanding and scraping. The main purpose is to remove the cloak or rough cloak shavings from the wooden frame of the furniture to make it smoother and more delicate.

Step 6: Fine sanding and painting. The most basic requirement of our painting process is three bottoms and two sides or more, mainly to make the whole piece of furniture smoother, fuller and more exquisite in appearance!

  1. Sanding and priming. The first coat of environmentally friendly primer; done by hand, technology and machine combined in parallel;

  2. Fine grinding and second coat of environmental protection primer. By hand, technology, machine combination synchronously completed;

  3. Fine grinding and priming with a third coat of environmental protection. Completed by hand combined with sanding machine;

  4. Fine grinding and colour correction. Mainly the whole piece or the whole batch of furniture colour repair into the same colour, purely manual full range with the hand once, the plane looks and touches the requirements of a smoother and then for colour repair;

  5. Fully closed for environmental protection top coat. After the colour repair paint is dry, and then checked by the paint master after passing, and then transported to the fully enclosed top coat room to complete the last top coat.


Step 7: Skinning, for some upholstered furniture the last finished process is required, sponging and skinning/clothing, fine finishing and other processes.

Step 8: Quality control, requiring each staff member of each process to carry out a quality control on their own process, and then to be transported to the next process by a dedicated person after the quality control staff of that process has passed the quality control. The finished product is then subject to a final quality check by our professional quality inspectors for each piece of furniture, such as paint effects, finishing techniques, fabric patterns, etc.

Step 9: Packaging. The final product inspection is carried out after cooperation for packaging and shipping.

  First layer: pearl cotton

  Second layer: foam, corner protection

  The third layer: high quality kraft paper

  Fourth layer: carton

    The fifth layer: playing wooden frame (generally customers have the requirement to play wooden frame, this layer for a fee packaging materials)

  The above is the process of customizing hotel furniture, the strict implementation of the processes to ensure the quality of the production of hotel furniture, hotel customers understand the customization process of hotel furniture can be a good grasp of the requirements of each process, the production process of strict control, so as to customize to the satisfaction of the hotel furniture.

We are looking forward to working with more global hotel furniture partners.​​​​​​​