Useful methods to maintain hotel furniture
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Useful methods to maintain hotel furniture

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Because the customers   from hotel are more and complex, hotel furniture will often appear dirty, scratches, cracks and other phenomena, which will not only affect the appearance of hotel furniture, but also the use of the effect will be weakened. So we need to often carry out beauty maintenance on hotel furniture, then what are the methods of maintaining hotel furniture?

1. some hotel furniture is made of rattan or bamboo, this kind of furniture will accumulate dirt after a long time of use. At this time, the maintenance of this kind of hotel furniture can be scrubbed with salt water, which can not only remove dirt, but also make the furniture become harmonious and natural.

2. some hotel tea table is made of HPL board, when you place the tea cup on the top, it will leave ugly pieces of dirt on the table after a long time . When maintaining this kind of hotel furniture, we can sprinkle water on the tea table first, and then wipe with the tin foil from the cigarette box, and finally wipe with water, so as to remove the tea stains, and same way to clean the tea set .

3. It will leave a white ring  mark If put the goods such as hot cup dish on the paint surface directly , in general,we can dip dishcloth in  kerosene, alcohol, fragrances or strong tea to wipe , also can use dishcloth to  dip in iodine to wipe the hot mark gently , then coated with a layer of vaseline, and  we can use dishcloth to eliminate a very hot mark  after two days  .

4. hotel furniture will often be soot, not only by extinguished cigarette butts and matches but also by other combustion left scorch marks, if only paint burning, we can use toothpick to wrap in a layer of fine hard cloth to wipe marks gently, then coated with a layer of wax to remove scorch marks.

5. Sometimes the paint surface of the hotel furniture is scraped but does not touch the wood under the paint. Then we can use with the same color of the hotel furniture of  crayons or pigments consistent  to apply to the wound, covering the exposed base color, and then coating the surface with a thin layer of transparent nail polish on it .

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