What features should hotel furniture have?
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What features should hotel furniture have?

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We have many elements to consider when buying hotel furniture, the specific elements to consider do not know we do not understand, for this reason small rong to understand the following.

     Hotel furniture to have what characteristics?

    1. environmental protection: hotel furniture with materials, such as particle board, fiberboard, glue, paint, etc., will release gases harmful to humans. Hotel and flat rooms are relatively airtight, affecting the eyes and nose of the gas will directly affect the occupancy rate of the rooms, the environmental protection of hotel furniture has become an important element of modern guests to select the conditions of stay in the hotel.

    2. fire, high temperature: lit cigarette, matches, etc. will constitute damage to the exterior of the furniture, severe and even constitute a fire, hotel furniture fire retardant function can not be ignored.

    3. Wear-resistant: room practice utensils, such as telephones, ashtrays, teacups, lamps, flower pots, laptops, luggage, electric water boilers, etc., in the daily use of hotel furniture may be rubbed with the exterior and then constitute scratches, affecting the useful life of furniture. The wear resistance of the furniture panels is an important factor in determining the useful life of hotel furniture.

    4. a capital and preservation of the moment: to ensure that not because of the aging of hotel furniture and damage to the guest occupancy rate, the selection of furniture in addition to consider a capital cost, together with the furniture should be considered a decorative operation process of repeated cumulative funding, should be selected without repeated funding can also persistently adhere to the outstanding appearance of quality, functional price ratio of high products, together with the furniture company to give the warranty time should also be considered The company's warranty should be considered.

    5. Water and moisture: in hotels and flat rooms, often due to water and moisture intrusion on the hotel rooms hotel furniture constitutes damage. The pouring of tea, bathroom moisture and bath sauna steam filled, bath wet towel touch, seasonal climate humidity changes, etc., will constitute furniture edge reveal, fall off, plate deformation swelling, finish cracks, blistering, mold and other problems, so the purchase of furniture should be the main point to consider its waterproof and moisture-proof function.

    6. style, style and planning: hotel furniture style and style should be harmonized with the decorative style, to prevent simple decorative matching luxury furniture, or luxury decorative matching grade low furniture; furniture selection, should consider the location of the hotel and flat, facing the customer base, room pricing and funding constraints, etc., should be the guest's favorite and consumption concept as the centre, with furniture reasonable planning and product style to compensate for the construction and The lack of decoration, to improve the hotel level and characteristics.

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